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By organising art auctions we aim to create a deviant economy that is controlled by the participant artists’ and audience’s initiative. This initiative connects the participants to a more direct form of creativity embedded in micro scale economic values. Therefore it creatively connects these different frameworks behind the field of collecting and selling contemporary art, aims to form a foundation towards an equal level of autonomy and (financial) independence for all groups concerned. To create the most fair and sustainable ground, the initiative aims to develop and grow to the extent of every participant's expectations, dreams and hopefully accomplishes even beyond.

The on going project aims to confront and overcome the issues that many artists and groups involved in art struggle with in contemporary dimensions. In the end the project's goal is to find and define an equal level of practice and gain, which is beautifully demonstrated throughout the first two auction events, in which all participants could communicate, bargain, and laugh (and drink) together deriving from that very state of leveled out equality that they are situated in.  With such a chaotic and miss-behave friendly environment, the project hopes to motivate and give that drive to others to take initiatives themselves, so that their contributions to the art and event world can grow to bigger extents and levels than just participating: to create, organize and distribute themselves is to take a prominent position and becoming part of those dimensions of art. 
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